Piano Shipping, Transportation and Disposal

We ship all throughout Ehime Prefecture as well as all across the country.

Transporting delicate pianos and other musical instruments requires specialized knowledge and technology.
Making use of our know-how developed over many years of service, we are able to quickly and safely transport your cherished piano using our comprehensive management system.
We are also available to pick up and dispose of unneeded pianos.

Please use our services in the following situations.
We are available to answer any questions you have regarding pianos.

  • When moving or job transfer.
  • When you wish to move your piano within the same building or premises.
  • When you wish to give your piano to another person.
  • When you wish to carry your piano in or out of concerts and events.
  • When you wish to dispose of your piano.

Piano Shipping Procedure

1. Contact us

Please contact us by telephone or e-mail.

2. Interview

We will inquire about the conditions of the piano, such as type, location and state.

3. Estimate

We will calculate an estimate based on the details of the interview.

*However, please be aware that additional fees may be charged in the case of special on-site circumstances. In the case of work not included in the amount of estimate, please be assured that under no circumstances will we begin work without first confirming with you.
4. Application

We will make a reservation for the day and time of delivery as soon as we receive your application.

*Please be aware that times may vary slightly due to weather conditions, traffic conditions, etc.
5. Delivery

A staff member will visit you on the day of delivery.

6. Payment

We request that payment of delivery fees be made in cash or through bank transfer.

*If you feel unable to personally make a judgment regarding circumstances, a staff member will visit you to make a preliminary inspection.

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