Piano Transportation

*All prices are excluding tax.

Piano Shipping, Transportation and Disposal

Shipping within Matsuyama City Upright piano: ¥18,000~;   Grand piano: ¥36,000~
*Fees vary by location, piano size, etc.
◎For a detailed estimate, please contact us by telephone or by clicking here.

Piano Rental

Short-term rental (1 day) Upright piano: ¥40,000;   Grand piano: ¥80,000
*Prices include transportation fees.
*For long-term rentals, please consult with us.

Piano Storage

Short-term storage (1 month) Upright piano: ¥3,000;   Grand piano: ¥5,000

Piano Repair and Maintenance

*All prices are excluding tax.


Overhaul Upright piano: ¥200,000~;   Grand piano: ¥300,000~


Latticework Music Stand –
Black, White or Other Color
Production only: ¥100,000;   Mounting: ¥20,000
Production and mounting set: ¥120,000
Latticework Music Stand –
Woodgrain Finish
Production only: ¥130,000;   Mounting: ¥20,000
Production and mounting set: ¥150,000


Complete Coating Upright piano: ¥200,000~;   Grand piano: ¥300,000~

Piano Cleaning

Cleaning (Polishing) Upright piano: ¥39,000;   Grand piano: ¥80,000
*Transportation fees are additional.
*Cleaning does not repair damage to the piano.

Piano Tuning

Tuning Upright piano: ¥16,500~;   Grand piano: ¥22,000~

Piano-related Products

*All prices are excluding tax.

Insulator Series

Fitted Board
(for use with UP)
G-Fb (black) for use with UP and with securing kit: ¥26,000
[Width: 25mm; Diameter: 42mm; Lower bearings: 8mm or more]
Fitted Insulator
(for use with GP)
G-Fs (black) for use with single casters: ¥13,000
[Width: 23mm-39mm; Diameter: 42mm-52mm; Lower bearings: 10mm or more]
G-Fw (black) for use with double casters and wide casters: ¥13,000
[Width: 49mm-62mm; Diamter: 47mm-52mm; Lower bearings: 10mm or more]
G-Ff (black) for use with full concert casters: ¥16,000
[Width: 90mm; Diameter: 95mm; Lower bearings: 10mm or more]
Fitted Insulator Accessory:
Securing Kit (Sold Separately)
K-gh (for use with GP): ¥3,000
K-gf (for use with GP) full concert: ¥5,000


Dezipeta Digital pedal + digital stool: ¥14,000
Digital Stool [Weight: approx. 1.4kg; Size: approx. 46 x 22 x 4cm]
Digital Pedal [Weight: approx. 100g; Size: approx. 6 x 7 x 12.5cm (at time of maximum connection)]

UFO Insulator

UFO Insulator UFO Insulator (3 piece set for use with GP): ¥60,000
[Weight: approx. 1.4kg(3 piece set: approx. 4.2kg); Size: approx. 26.5 x 25 x 4.7cm]

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