List of Piano-related Products

  • Assist Set

    This one unit is all you need for the entire period an auxiliary pedal is required.


  • Assistance Series

    We offer these assistance products, including assistance pedals, etc., to customers who feel that their piano pedals are too heavy or hard to push.


  • Hakobe ・ Carry

    A piano transportation device usable at event venues, etc. This enables a small number of people to safely transport pianos, which normally requires heavy labor.


  • Insulator Series

    Our insulator series is useful in sound-prevention and transportation, which is convenient when using a piano in a household.
    *Tested for earth-quake resistance


  • Dezipeta

    An introduction of Dezipeta, a special footrest and pedal set, for those using a digital piano at home.


  • UFO Insulator

    Recommended for those who wish to move a piano within the same floor or those who say they have no space to store a trolley.


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