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Exception Clause

We make no guarantees whatsoever regarding the aforementioned text and contents of this website. We are not liable in any way in the case that the text or contents of this website contain mistakes. We are not liable in any way for any damages incurred by customers due to the usage of this website or the inability to use this website. In addition, please understand that the matters listed on this website may be changed without prior notification.


Links shall only be set to the Main Page of our website. Please contact us using our inquiry form if you would like to establish a link. In regard to links from our website to another site, we make no guarantees regarding the contents of the linked website. In addition, links do not indicate that we have a special relationship with the operator of the linked website nor do they indicate that we recommend the goods or services listed there.
*In the case that, after establishment of a link, we determine that your site does not comply with the conditions listed in our link policy, we may remove the link. Please be aware that we are not liable in any way for any damages or complaints incurred due to using link settings.

Purpose and Scope of Usage of Personal Information

(Purpose of Usage of Personal Information)
We shall use personal information limited to content and information required within the scope of carrying out the following business purposes. We shall not use personal information for any other purpose.
To fulfill our obligations relating to requests from the information provider
To respond to inquiries from the information provider
To provide materials and information requested by the information provider in regard to our services
As basic data for business maintenance and improvement
And to inform customers of changes or new services

(Scope of Usage of Personal Information)
We will not provide personal information to a third party outside of our company without prior approval from the information provider. However, we may provide personal information to a third party without prior approval from the information provider in the following cases.

  • When based on legislation
  • When it is difficult to obtain prior approval from the information provider but necessary to preserve human life or prevent bodily injury or to prevent damage to assets
  • When our company is required to cooperate with national or regional public agencies or those consigned by them in executing legally-stipulated tasks
  • When we have received a formal, legal request form a public agency, such as the court or police, to provide information
  • When a company consigned or entrusted by us to conduct business requires the information for the purpose of notifying or providing services to the information provider


We are not liable in any way for how personal information provided by viewers is handled on third party Internet sites linked to from this homepage. Please read the stipulations on personal information handling on each lined site.

Opinions, Comments, etc.

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