Piano Repair (Overhaul)

Keyboard Replacement Tuning

We will replace keyboards that have become discolored or damaged due to many years of use with a glossy new keyboard. In addition, we will improve the touch of your piano by replacing worn out balance bushing cloth.

Coil Production

Producing coils requires advanced technologies in order to create rich, tense bass tones. We carefully create each coil one by one, by hand in our workshop using advanced technologies. We will restore your piano’s tone through technology that has an outstanding track record.

Damper Felt Replacement

We replace and repair portions worn out due to long usage. We will make your piano feel like new by replacing damper felt on the upper keyboard surface.

Hammer Replacement

After many years of use, sound variations occur due to string grooves formed in hammers and the felt on the hammers hardening.
We reshape hammers back to their proper forms and make adjustments to how they move, twist and strike the strings.

*We also conduct internal repairs on pianos when necessary.

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