Pin Block Production

At our in-house workshop, we handle everything from replacement to manufacturing of pin blocks, which are difficult to work with. Pin blocks require advanced technologies because they are composed of six layers of composite board due to the necessity of maintaining the condition of the tuning pins.

Ornamentation Work

Using advanced technologies, we conduct all types of ornamentation work, from decorations on the main body of the piano through to detailed decorations for music stands, etc.
We also produce latticework music stands made out of solid wood.

Latticework Music Stands

Our original latticework music stands, produced by us, make your piano appear more stylish by making use of your own personal design.

We are committed to detail starting from the creation materials.
We collect precious woods from around the world, and we make these using a solid block of wood that goes well with your piano.

We create latticework music stands using our own technology separate from your current music stand. We create them out of solid wood based on pattern decided upon a thorough meeting with the client.
Adding latticework reduces sound reflection and makes it easier for the performer to hear the sounds, which in turn improves performance.
(This is the reason that music stands are removed during concerts.)

  • Materials

    After grafting the block of solid wood, we create a material that is highly resistant to warping by binding the wood together in three layers and twisting.

  • Processing

    We cut the wood based on the pattern we received from the client. The filing out the details is precise, time-consuming work.

  • Finishing

    We use a polyester-based coating material that does not deteriorate glossiness and produces few depressions. Repeating the coating process gives the surface a deeper color and sheen.

*As all products are handmade, there may be slight differences between the actual products.
*For order inquiries, please contact us by telephone or through our "Inquires" page.

Fabrication of Various Parts

We carefully fabricate a broad range of parts used in pianos one by one, from the main body all the way to intricate workings.
We also restore or replace parts that have become worn out due to long usage.

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