Assistance Series

An introduction of our assistance series products, which work well even with three pedal types that were previously incompatible with assistance pedals.

We recommend our assistance series products to those who feel that their piano pedals are too heavy or hard to push as well as those who do not need conventional pedals but whose feet cannot reach the pedals without assistance pedals.
As the pedals and footrest are separate, it is possible to make minute adjustments corresponding with the growth of your child to achieve proper posture and eliminate unsteadiness where they place their feet.

Assistance Pedal ASP-II

This product makes pedals easier to push by extending the position where the pedals are pushed further outward to the front.

As the Assistance Pedal ASP-II is directly attached to the pedal, the pedal is extremely responsive, and by utilizing the principle of the lever, it is possible to effortlessly push the pedal even using the weak force applied by a small child.

Size and material

Quality: Stainless;
Weight: Approx. 200g;
Size: Approx. 12 x 5.3cm

High Stool Set HS-V

This assistance pedal is usable even in the lowest position, which no previous product was able to handle.

This product enables application of the lowest range, which conventional assistance pedals were unable to handle. This enables 5-step adjustments from the piano pedal up to a maximum of 13cm.

PDF Download

Click the left image to download assistance pedal user manuals.


PDF Download

Click the left image to download details on high stool height adjustments.


Size and material

Quality: Stainless;
Weight: Approx. 320g;
Height Adjustment: 5 steps;
Size: Approx. 12 x 5.3 x 11.4~16cm

Sold Separately: Assistance High Stool

Attaching this directly to an assistance pedal enables 5-step height adjustments.

This enables minute adjustments to the pedal’s degree of push as mounting a spring to the assistance pedal and high stool portions creates a slight rotation and reduces the amount of slippage on the bottom of the foot.

Size and material

Quality: Stainless;
Height Adjustment: 5 steps;
Size: Approx. 4.5 x 6.5 x 11.4~16cm;
Weight: Approx. 320g

Assistance Stool ASS-V

This footrest exclusively for use with assistance pedals is light-weight, compact and convenient to carry.

The Assistance Stool ASS-V is light-weight at approximately 2kg, so it is possible for even children to carry.
This product is coated with F★★★★, which complies with the Food Safety and Sanitation Act. It is available in high-grade black or wood grain finishes.

Size and material

Quality: Wooden;
Weight: Approx. 2.2kg;
Height Adjustment: 5 steps (Approx. 2.5/5.0/7.5/10/12.0cm)
Size: Approx. 44.5 x 22 x 5cm (when stored)
Two available colors: Walnut (WN) and Black (BK)

This product is registered as a utility model.
(Instrument pedal actuator: Registration No. 3137551)

*As all products are handmade, there may be slight variations in color tone.
*Please purchase at your closest musical instrument store.
*As detailed improvements have been made, actual assistance series products may slightly differ from the images.

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