UFO Insulator

UFO Insulator

"Movable Wooden Insulator" capable of being moved while still mounted.
As it is equipped with 3 moving casters, even women alone can smoothly move a grand piano.

Moving Casters

UFO Insulators are movable, wooden insulators.
As it is equipped with 3 moving casters, even women alone can smoothly move a grand piano.

High-Quality Wooden Insulator

When mounted, the piano is only raised by 13mm.
You can play comfortably even when pedaling.
In addition, the main body is made using beach plywood that emphasizes strength and sound tone.
As it is made from the same material as piano parts, sound tone does not deteriorate during performance.

A Safe, Rounded Design

The rounded, compact design has an attractive appearance, and it was also made with consideration of stability and safety as it prevents tripping up legs during transportation.

UFO Insulator
(for use with GP)

・G-UFO-S (for use with single casters)
・G-UFO-W (for use with double casters)
・Material: Main body – Beach plywood
・Size: approx. 265mm x 250mm x 47mm
・Weight: approx. 1.4kg
 (3 piece set: approx. 4.2kg)
・Amount of piano lift: approx. 13mm
・Load resistance: approx. 600kg
・With double stoppers
・With caster unseating prevention
 and securing kit
・Usage Condition: Flooring, etc. (*)

*Please read the Usage Precautions.

Download a PDF of the user's manual

This high-quality wooden insulator does not disrupt sound tone and can safely and easily be carried even by women.
We recommend this for those who wish to easily move a piano around within the same floor and those who say they have no storage space for a trolley.


Usage Precautions

  • ・This may not be used with full concert sized pianos.
  • ・This product assumes transportation over flat, hard floors. Please do not use with level differences of 7mm or more.
  • ・As pianos are extremely heavy, we recommend usage on hard floors such as flooring and vinyl tiles.


    vinyl tiles

    carpet/cushioned floors

    *Even when used on flooring or vinyl tiles, scratches and dents may appear in the material, so please contact a sales representative in advance.

Free samples Available for Loan

We are currently loaning out free samples of UFO Insulators.
You may actually make use of the item during the period.
Please feel free to contact us by telephone or e-mail.

Sales Price (3 piece set for use with GP):
¥60,000 (tax separate)
  • *Please purchase at the closest musical instrument store.
  • *As all products are handmade, actual products may have slight variations in color tone.
  • *As detailed improvements have been made, please be aware that actual products may slightly differ from the images.

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